Magnolia Design Co

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About Us

Mission Statement

Magnolia Design Co’s mission is to uplift, empower, and encourage everyone
to design and share fun, beautiful crafting creations, while building relationships
and opening doors for personal growth and financial opportunities.


Hi! We’re Crystal and Lisa

Magnolia Design Co. Founders, Crystal Mugford and Lisa Ramsey were working independently on social media connecting crafters with chalk stencils and transfers. As fate would have it, these 2 entrepreneurial women connected with each other and soon realized their shared passion. They had discovered a niche on social media, allowing them to earn extra income online, bringing crafters together around a common interest – stenciling with chalk paste and inks. Quickly they realized there was an opportunity to be had, by building a community of crafters who shared their same passion and Magnolia Design Co., was born. Together Crystal & Lisa have created a company and community where crafters can freely share their talents and creativity with each other, sell products or finished projects on their terms while inspiring the world to find joy in creating beautiful things. We invite you to discover Magnolia Design Co., express yourself in your home and life and unlock your potential while building a flexible business that supports the life of your dreams.